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What to bring for Maternity session

Maternity / 1 Comment / 18.03.2017

Underwear & home wear

2-3 sets of underwear (white, beige, black, any monotone colour)

Sleep shirts (short and long)

Lacy and simple lingerie

And other miscellaneous underwear

Robes or boudoir dresses

Men’s white or plaid shirt


Shorts and T-shirts

In general, any home light and comfortable clothes.

Socks, knee socks, slippers, home wear boots

Knitted wear: long sweaters, short sweaters, scarves, etc. (According to the season, you do not need it in summer)

Fabric or Veil

Dresses, skirts, tops, jeans

Wide variety of dresses, from easy tank dresses to dresses with a modern look preferably in a monotone colour

Maxi dresses

Short solid dresses

Long skirts and short tops

Light blue jeans

Denim shorts

Denim overalls (jumpsuits)

Various blouses, tops

T-shirts (without prints)

Clothes for dad

Plain t-shirts without prints preferably white or light colours (blue, pink, light green etc.). It is important that they match your clothes.

Business suit that fits with your clothes


Sweaters, cardigans


LIGHT pants- white, beige, pastel colours – must be!

Light blue jeans, not dark blue, not black!

Clean shoes


Bring clean, light shoes (Dark as well). It must be clean and neat and should fit the style of clothing that you are going to wear. Funny sneakers and sport shoes.


Teddy bears, you can take 3 of the same or in different sizes.

The same colour balloons. It looks beautiful in white, pink or blue or you can match pastel colours balloons.

Food as accessories

A pretty tray or basket

Cakes, cup cakes


Cookies maybe with a pregnancy symbol etc.

Watermelon slices, berries, fruits.


If you do not have time to decorate your shoot, you can always consult decorators.

You can also pose nude or semi-nude.

Try to choose clothes in the same colour or tone with all members of your family.  Always consider a main colour for the scenery (studio or outdoor). This will make your photos look more harmonious.


If you have unusual ideas in your head, I’ll be happy to listen to it, especially if you do not mind being photographed nude (only for mom = D). Let me know in advance, it’s very beautiful and absolutely private.

If you have a hobby such as drawing, ballet, singing, etc. We can think together how to organize a thematic shoot 

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