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What is it like to be a Russian wife?

About me / No Comment / 04.09.2016

What do most people know or think about Russian girls?


They are beautiful.

Thank you, dont make me blush 🙂 Also, please, dont tell me that you only said it because you are hitting on me

Nope, we are normal. Like any other girls. Maybe we spend a little more of out time looking after ourselves … Yes, I am always on a diet.


They are strippers.

Hm…. Stereotypes. Remember, that many USSR countries speak Russian. Sometimes it is much easier to say ‘’I am Russian’’ then trying to explain that they are fom a small country near Russia. Name any of the USSR countries that you have heard of in your life. Possibly a few Russians are strippers but not much more then other nationalitites.


They are mail order brides.

Oh no… I have never heard about that before I left Russia.

Do you know that if you start typing Russian in Google search that the first suggestion is Russian bride.

Ok, Russia is a huge country and maybe I dont know everything.. So Russian brides are very famous in the world. I think we are good wives (I don’t talk about myself, I am a horrible one… Joking =)). In Russia we usually settle for the following: Graduate High School – go to university meet the love of your life get maried/graduate university. Younger generation (younger then me) are getting married a bit later. Not to have kids by the age of 30 is considered as a crime.

So… What do you think? Who am I?

So let’s leave it as a mistery. I will be easily labelled as a stripper who was bought over the Internet.

I am a Russian wife.

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