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Wedding budget

Weddings / 1 Comment / 04.04.2017

This post is about how to reduce the cost of a wedding?
On what can you save without sacrificing the quality of the celebration? On what you should not save!

Where you can reduce the cost?


Try to avoid peak season – it is the most simple and effective way to reduce costs.
Winter is not a favourite season for brides. A wedding at this time of the year can cost much less than in the summer, and you do not lose out on anything! In the cold season you can easily get a discount on the venue and service providers. Even big wedding salons have sales after the peak season.
Another option is a wedding on weekdays. Perhaps, it will not save you much, but most of the wedding specialists will be free even in the peak season. The main disadvantage of this option is that not all guests will be able to attend the celebration due to work. It is necessary to warn them as early as possible of your big day or schedule the ceremony in the late afternoon.
A later start to the wedding is another opportunity to save money on venue renting costs.

Choose a beautiful place that suits your style. Of course, it’s great to turn an open loft into a warm and cosy place, but, most likely, it will be expensive. Also a dance floor for the venue will cost a lot of money, so look for a place where it is not necessary.
Therefore, the loft will suit you if the wedding is decorated in an urban style, and for a cosy celebration it is better to book something like a big country house. Classical elegant weddings need a spacious and bright venue. An eco-style wedding can be arranged near a pond or forest.

The most venues and caterers calculate the cost of the reception on the number of people. Reducing the list of guests will decrease expenses. Of course, the total price depends on the costs of the wedding service providers, décor and entertainment. In most cases a wedding for 20 guests is cheaper than a wedding for 100 guests.
In addition, if you have to save on everything from a wedding dress to the quality of wine, you should reconsider inviting your parents’ friends and aunt’s aunts. After all, this is your day, and it should be attended only by those with whom you really would love to share this day.

On what you should not save!

Wedding photos and videos are precious memories of your day. It will remind you of how happy you were that day!
Hire professionals to serve your day. Do not hesitate to share your ideas and dreams with them, so that you will get exactly what you want and you will still love it 20 years after. The services of good specialists are not cheap but believe me it’s worth it!


Many brides stresses too much about the decor for the wedding. They try to get the ceremony to look perfect, they completely forget about what will happen after the ceremony.
Guests will not spend all evening to examine the décor of the ceremony. It’s not worth investing too much time and money into it. They will appreciate the entertainment. Make sure that no one will be bored, expensive décor won’t entertain guests.

If you have a small evening wedding or an afternoon cocktail wedding you don’t have to serve a full dinner.  You can offer light snacks and drinks instead (if the celebration lasts no more than 4-5 hours). It is a good way to save money, but when it comes to the quality of food; do not try to save on quality.
Whatever you offer to your guests, be it French cuisine or burgers – It should be prepared by professionals and from high-quality products.
You should also pay attention to the candy bar, because a spectacularly served sweet table can be an excellent decoration of the reception area. Think about the wedding cake stand – a simple kitchen knife and a cardboard stand can ruin the most beautiful dessert!

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