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5 tips for perfect wedding photos

Weddings / No Comment / 15.06.2017

Wedding photography should bring pleasure, positive emotions and no stress. Just be yourself and do not worry! Remember this is your day. Which I’m sure will be wonderful!


1. Choose your photographer

It sounds very corny but it is very important! Your photographer should have similar a style and personality as you. If you feel comfortable with your photographer at the first meeting, you will most likely enjoy working together. Easy communication will help you to create the most natural and emotional photos.

Also, a engagement shoot is ideal for when you want to get know your photographer better. It also helps you to understand if it is comfortable to work together.


2. Discuss the schedule of the wedding day with your photographer.

Experienced photographer will help you to plan a schedule for the day. They will take your preferences into consideration. Beautiful photos with soft sunset light are impossible at noon. Thirty minutes for a photo session with guests may not be enough if there are more than a hundred people at the wedding.

The best way to do that is to prepare a script of the groups you want pictures with. This ensures that everything will be organized and that you won’t forget about anybody. You should ask the master of ceremonies, friend or family member to organize groups. It will make everything run smoothly and timeously.

You can also make a list of necessary photographs which you want to keep in the wedding album; for example handmade invitations, some specific details of decor or gifts.

Do not overload the wedding day with traveling. The main attraction is you and your emotions.


3. Remember several tricks

If you are stressing in front of the camera remember these few tips:

– Take a deep breath and point your chin forward not up. It will make you neck longer and hide your double chin.

– If you don’t know what to do with your hands – act naturally. It is very easy to solve this problem by holding the bouquet. Keep your arms slightly to the side of your body. It makes you visually thinner.

– You don’t have to smile all day. Be yourself – laugh, think, and look at each other with love and tenderness. It is your day, enjoy it!


4. Ask the photographer to show you the photos

If you are stressing about photos you can always ask your photographer to show footage on the camera screen.

Stunning photos which you will see will make you more confident. I usually show photos during the process to my clients. It usually inspires and cheers them up.


5. Photographer’s tricks

A professional photographer usually has little tricks to liberate the couple in front of the camera. Sometimes, I ask clients to do something stupid to get lively emotions and loosen them up. It is very important to not miss any of the couple’s reactions 😉

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