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Wedding photography services in Cape Town

I remember the day when I created my first photography website. I was clueless and I didn’t know what to write on my site. I had quite a good portfolio but words just would not come out. I did not know what I should say to my clients. I had started surfing around on the internet to see what other, more experienced photographers would say. The funny thing was that we were all were very similar. I had decided that this is the right way to talk about my services. I wrote how much I love weddings and how much I want to catch the magical moments and because of my photos your kids and grandkids will experience warm nostalgic moments. I loved it and I  was very proud of myself.  I thought it is the best text I have ever written.

As years went past I learnt one very simple truth. You have to be yourself. You have to be sincere. I also have learnt that nothing makes you better than learning and practising. I think you heard that practice makes perfect. That is what photography is all about. You can be a naturally great photographer but you won’t set your camera correct if you haven’t done it at least a 100 times before.

Every single couple knows that their wedding day is a special moment in their life. They just don’t know how to choose the right photographer. I don’t want to make false promises. I don’t know if I will suit you. What I know for sure is that I will do anything to catch every single moment of your big day and my experience and knowledge will help me to do that.

I have done rainy, snowy, windy and cloudy weddings on 3 continents. Well, I got married myself and I know what difficulties you might face on your wedding day. I have seen a wedding where the florist had to redo all the flowers within an hour. I have seen broken dresses and champagne in the bride’s face. The names on my own wedding cake were wrong. Don’t let anything upset you. Everything can be fixed except for your emotions and memories. Your wedding photographs are a lifelong investment and I am ready to be there for you and to support you as much as I can. Believe me, a few years after, you will look back and laugh about it.

During my photography career my clients became my friends and they often returned to have their photos taken and to catch up.

You can reserve your free planning meeting where we can discuss your wedding day, set a timetable and get to know each other better.



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Here you can read how to plan your wedding day to get the best pictures.

Here you can find out about my policies and prices.

You can always get in touch with me if you have any questions.

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To organise your wedding day takes a long time. It’s such a pity that time goes by so quickly on this amazing day.

To extend the special day you can book extra services I offer. It will make your wedding album stand out from the crowd.

– Engagement photo shoot

– Bridal boudoir

– Trash the dress

– Bachelorette photo shoot

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Olya Kleinhans

I am professional photographer from Russia working internationally, currently based in Cape Town. I provide quality photography services such as weddings, bridal boudoir, business portraiture, family portraiture, maternity and newborn sessions.

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Olya Kleinhans, Cape Town based photographer email: tel: +27 79 215 6561
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