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Maternity FAQ

Maternity / No Comment / 18.03.2017

A Maternity photo shoot is a special type of photography. Expecting a baby is a gentle period of time in your life. All of your thoughts are about tender, loving care for your baby. This is a natural stage of any woman’s life. Don’t try to be extraordinary, unusual pictures look strange. You have to be natural. Keep that in mind, so that you don’t have to answer questions later on. For example; why did you do that or why did you wear it? A Maternity photo shoot is like a TV show. It has to be meaningful.
When is the best time for a photo shoot?

The best period to shoot is between 28-35 weeks. Some women have small bellies up to birth and some has huge ones at week 20. To determine the best time for you will be based on your pregnancy.
Just keep in mind that with each week it is getting more difficult to move. You will feel insecure due to swelling and general fatigue. Remember that it differs from person to person.  I did not have a big stomach but I could not walk up the hill from week 28. My advice is, the earlier the better. The more comfortable you feel the better pictures we will get.

What changes during the pregnancy?

Your body changes completely. Even if you are a slim person you still get swellings. Your body keeps water and it affects your face, arms, legs etc. Some women experience skin and hair problems. I will make sure that you won’t see it on your photos. Sometimes we will fix it with poses, sometimes with Photoshop. In any case, I know what you are experiencing at this moment and I will make sure that you love yourself.

Where is the best place to shoot?

We can have a photo shoot both outdoor and in a studio. The advantage of having a shoot in a studio is that you can change as many outfits as you would like. Also in a studio I can take some shoots of you in your underwear.
For an outdoor photo shoot weather can affect it but you will be able to get beautiful sunset pictures. It is up to you, where you prefer your pictures be taken.

Can I have my photos taken in 1 hour?

No, it takes time to prepare for this shoot and it will be such a pity if we miss something. In addition, pregnant women are not very active and one hour will go by very quickly.

Can you keep my pictures private?

A pregnancy is a very tender moment and many women are stressed about everything. Some of them try to hide their pregnancy until the baby is born. I respect this sensitive stage of your life and if you tell me in advance that none of your pictures should be published, I won’t. It won’t cost you anything.

What clothes should I bring?
Before choosing your outfit look at the location of the shoot.
If it is a light studio or outdoor photo shoot you don’t have to be afraid of light clothes, but avoid dark colours (remember there are always exceptions).
If we shoot in a dark studio any colour will work, just be careful with bright colours. Browse through Pinterest, it will be easier to choose a style!

Clothes colour
Remember that we are making a series. Later when we watch episodes we have to make sure that our eyes are enjoying it. For that we have to choose main colours. It can be your favourite colours but it must be in each picture. It will allow us to link all episodes to one story.
For example, your favourite colour is green.
First look will be in a green dress. Second look in white shirt and green flower crown. Third look in a white dress but holding a green cup. Fourth look you hold green baby clothes etc.
When you are planning you wardrobe try to follow rule of 3 colours- No more than 3 main colours. This will help you properly arrange your look.

White clothes
White clothes are the best choice. I always start with it. White clothes are the ideal for shooting especially where emotions are more important than the look. Be sure to bring lots of white stuff with you.

How many images I will get?
The best way is to write a script.
Choose your main colour and style (something formal or informal). Think what is close to you and start from that.
If you write the script well we can shoot a lot! At least 3-5 looks in 2 hours.

Do I need make-up and a hair style?
Yes, I don’t shoot without professional make-up.

Can my husband and kids come with?
Yes, but they should come later when I am almost done with your photo shoot.

What manicure should I have?
Neutral polish or French manicures are the best.
Don’t forget about pedicure. Usually I don’t shoot feet, but bright nail colours can draw attention on pictures.

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