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Interview with a fashion photographer Grethe Rosseaux

Interview / No Comment / 01.12.2017

When I have decided to start inspiring threat in my blog Grethe was a first one on my mind.

She is such an authentic and inspiring person!

I am so excited to share her story with you.

Why did you became a photographer?
Photography kind of caught me by surprise, to be honest. I’ve always been surrounded by some form of it growing up, so it feels like “destiny” in a way.
I was instilled with a love of film and photography at an early age which ended up in my life in a very direct way and I haven’t looked back since. Photography had always been on the edge of my awareness as I was growing up, but in my first year of study it formally announced itself, haha!


When did you start?
Officially, I started photography as part of my studies in 2006 – my undergraduate degree had both photography and graphic design as compulsory double majors for two years of the programme


When did you understand that you are successful?
Most creatives always tend to see room for improvement in themselves and their work, so I don’t think success is really as easily defined as people tend to think it is – it’s different for everyone and that’s okay.
I’m an ambitious, achievement-driven person so I am continuously setting new milestones to push myself as a photographer and a professional, but I always walk this road with immense gratitude for what I’ve accomplished thus far.


What is your strengths?

Work ethic, critical thinking, ambition, resilience and my ridiculous perfectionism/eye for detail that is both a blessing and a curse!


What difficulties have you had during your photography career?

Fear and self-doubt are things


What is your slogan?

Pink hair, don’t care!


Three words that describes you best.
Driven. Neurotic. Fireball.


What advice can you give to our readers?

Shoot who you are – if you’re pursuing photography for likes/followers on social media and not because you’re passionate about the craft, then you’re going to have a bad time.

Don’t be scared to follow who you are and to shoot your most authentic self.



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