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How to make a guest list for the wedding

Weddings / No Comment / 26.04.2017

How to make your guest list fit the budget, not causing quarrels and offending anyone.

1.Set the wedding budget
The Wedding budget depends on the number of guests. Most of the wedding providers will calculate cost based on the number of guests (How much food you need, how many tables to rent and decorate etc.).
First of all determine the budget and only then start making the guest list.

2. Financial support

An important question is; who exactly paying for your wedding?  If your parents pay a significant part of the wedding, then their wishes have to be taken into consideration. It will be rude to not invite important people acquainted to them. You still have to tell them that it is your wedding. You can let them invite 20% of the guests and the remaining 80% should be your decision.

3. Make a guest list with your fiancé

Your wedding should be a constructive discussion. What type of wedding would you would like? This will help you to determine the number of guests.
Is your dream an intimate wedding with only close people? But your fiancé is planning to invite all his colleagues at work? Do not be discouraged if your dreams are very different. It is difficult to find a compromise for most couples. This should not cost you a fight. It is an excellent opportunity to learn to listen and hear each other out. This skill will be very useful in your marriage.

4. Start with the most important guests

The first people on your list will be parents, siblings, grandparents, bridesmaids and groomsmen. These are the people without whom you can’t celebrate this day. After that your friends, colleagues and other relatives. So if you have to shorten the list you can start from the bottom.

5. Prioritize
What is more important for you? Inviting your forth aunt who you haven’t seen in ages or buying the dress of your dreams? Spending money on expensive decor or having an opportunity to share this day with your childhood friends? You will certainly have to make some difficult compromises.

6. Don’t invite guests because you feel guilty

It is one simple rule – invite only those with whom you want to share this day with!
You do not have to invite a friend to the wedding just because last year they invited you.

You do not insult or offend anyone by not inviting them. Do not be manipulated. Repeat to yourself that this is your day and you want to share it only with your closest and beloved people. It is no place for strangers.

Who can be easily removed out of the list?
Distant relatives who you only met once in your life.
People who you have not seen or have not maintained constant contact with for a long time.
Girlfriend/boyfriends of guests who you do not know personally. Married friends should always be invited together.
People who are at odds with other guests.

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