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How did I end up where I am now?

About me / 4 Comments / 30.08.2016


Today, I want to tell you about my journey, traveling between South Africa, Russia and now South Korea.


It started in 2010. My friend and I decided to take part in the WORK&TRAVEL student program. We were planning on going to the USA. Unfortunately, I did not receive my visa. I received a letter from the consulate stating that I am too friendly and the risk of immigrating is too high. I was broken. I spent 6 months to prepare for this program. I can’t really remember the day I was rejected… It was a long, sad and foggy day. I remember just sitting in the bus in the city centre and crying… Hm… It would not be me to just accept it and feel sorry for myself. That same evening I found plan B. I decided to go to South Africa!

You are probably thinking: ‘’Why South Africa?’’ I don’t know. I just had to find something more exciting than the States. And what can be more exciting than going to a country which you never heard of in your life?



We have a children’s song which says:

«Kids have never ever gone to Africa,

You cannot go to walk in Africa

There are sharks in Africa

There are baboons in Africa

There are large, angry crocodiles in Africa!

It will bite you

It will beat you

It will hurt you


Don’t go to Africa!


There are robberies in Africa

There is violence in Africa,,

Terrible Bar-ma-lei is in Africa!


He runs through Africa and eats kids

Ugly, bad, greedy – Barmaley!»


This song is describing what I thought about Africa (doesn’t matter even if it is South Africa). Did I still want to go to Africa and meet Barmaley? Barmaley is terrible pirate who eats kids… Yes! I was imagining myself dancing in African tribes and playing drums!

Can you imagine how surprised I was when got there… Cape Town is an amazing, beautiful breath-taking city! It is a CITY! A city which looks like Europe!

After three months in Cape Town I met my husband. I was still a student, so I had to go back to Russia to finish my university. After one year in Russia I moved back to South Africa and became a Mrs. I think my desire for adventure will never leave me alone. It made us move to South Korea and now we are looking for our a new destination!

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