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A goal setting system

Business / No Comment / 08.12.2017

Today I want to talk with you about goals and desires, and about how important it is for your business.

A goal is an unshakable desire. It is like crossing the “finish” line for a long distance runner. Have you ever thought about it in that  way?

It is like check points on the running circuit. So when the athlete runs he knows how far he/she is and what he/she will get by crossing the “finish” line. He/She knows when to speed up or when to slow down, the same goes for you. You have to specify your goal in order to see if you are on the right track or if you have to step up or relax.

If you do not specify your goals then your desire to become a well known photographer is unrealistic.

You probably heard about “The secret”. People are going insane, they are making magic collages (vision boards). They think in which order to print photos so that they can get their dream house, a caring husband and money. Well, it is a good motivation tool but it won’t make you a well known photographer overnight. Photography is a very competitive field and you are right, every second person is a photographer. I am not going to lie to you, you have to work hard!

Some of us work day and night, spend hours on tutorials and workshops, invest in our business and keep growing even after reaching a certain level.

But what is your goal? How do you measure it? What drives you? What is your motivation?

Only after answering these questions in the most descriptive way, then you can look for “signs” and “open doors” in “The secret” world. Look for opportunities which life, space or whatever throws at you.

Don’t be bashful towards your achievements and stop blaming others for your failures. You are responsible for what you want to achieve, not your parents, bad weather, husband, low income or the lunar calendar.

There is very interesting theory called the “Crab bucket theory”. If you are interested I can write about that as well.

You have to start acting! Start moving towards your goals, pave the way, prescribe strategies, take success and defeat. There is nothing wrong with defeat. Get up and try again!

You need just a little bit of courage to start creating the world of your dreams. Think about the long distance runner.

Set your goals and start acting!

My favorite goal setting system is “SMART”. I will write about that in my next post.

Your goal must be:

  • Specific

The goal should be specific.

Making a lots of money is a bad goal. But to make R10 000 by the end of December is an excellent goal.

  • Measurable

Answer the question: How do you know that you have achieved the goal?

You have a R10 000 in your account or you sold 3 photoshoots valued at R 10 000.

  • Attainable

If you currently make no money it is highly unlikely that you will make a R100 000 within a month.

Please make your goal achievable. To achieve it you will have to make extra efforts in addition to what you do every day, in other words you still need to challenge yourself.

  • Relevant

Be honest, Why do you need R10 000.

For example: You have to support your family because there is no other way to achieve this.

  • Timely

Any action has its beginning and end. Write down how many days you have to achieve your goal.

In this case the countdown starts today and ends on the 31st of December.


You can go with the flow but by setting goals you can achieve much more!

Good luck!


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