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Girl’s photo shoot

Portraiture / No Comment / 18.03.2017

Girl’s photo shoot is the perfect get away from your daily routine. We can do it one on one or organize a girl’s party. It doesn’t matter if you decide to get together with your friends or mom and sisters. It will be a lot of fun.

So you decided to spoil yourself, what is next?

I would recommend you to go through Pinterest, my Instagram or portfolio for inspiration!

You have to determine what exactly you want to get. Go through your wardrobe and have a look at what you have.

We always say that we have nothing to wear and it’s normal. We are girls! We change our minds a lot. Today we are blonde ,tomorrow we’ll be red and the day after we’ll be a brunette. We will gain 2 kg and then lose 10!

I am also a girl and I totally understand you!

I will do everything to make sure that you look amazing and Photoshop is my friend 😉

I can see your beauty!

Preparation for the shoot:

It can be any style you want. You can combine several styles, just keep in mind that they all have to fit your make up. Remember you can always change your lip color and it will be two different looks already!

Here are examples of 3 styles. You can also share your ideas. I am always open for something new.

Life style

Very simple, casual style. You will need comfortable clothes but not all the comfy clothes looks good on pictures. Here are some of my recommendations:

Make-up and Hair

Something light & natural for your MUA and neat and casual hair. For example, straight hair, light curls, a tall tail or a messy bun.


– Knitted sweater or dress

– Blue jeans (can be torn)

– White or black T-shirts

– Cotton body

– Denim shorts

– Pajamas

– Track suit

– Summer floral dress

– One-color thin summer dress

– Short Tops

– Inflated skirts

– Hoodie

– Baseball caps

– Black legends


– Sneakers

– Uggs or socks

– Flat shoes or low-heeled shoes

– Barefoot


– Large beads

– Neutral earrings

– Bracelets and necklaces not drawing too much attention

– Neutral rings

– Watch


– Teddy bears

– Flowers

– A tray with coffee and croissants, newspaper

– Gift boxes

– A laptop


If you want something sexy (maybe boudoir).

Make-up and Hair:

You can have bright make-up done for this style. Black liner and red lipstick or Smokey eyes and neutral lipstick. For you hair, I would recommend lots of volume, maybe curls or messy plugs and tails as bohemian style.


– Different underwear (more is better)

– Lingerie

– Sports underwear + shirt and sneakers

– Sexy robes or sleep dresses

– Sexy pajamas

– Jeans + bra or just jeans

– All versions of sexy women’s clothing)

– Little black dress

– Stockings


– High-heeled shoes (different)

– Barefoot


– Gorgeous jewelry (necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets)

– Lace Masks


If you want an elegant, glamorous or luxurious look (It is a difficult look and requires lots of attention to details)


You can have bright make-up, you can have liner and red lipstick or smokies and light lipstick. Hair must have lots of volume, maybe some locks in Hollywood style or neatly collected hair.

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