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Family photo shoot FAQ

Family / No Comment / 18.03.2017

What is the perfect age for kids photo shoot?
The best age to shoot a baby is before 11 months old.
During the first year of life the baby is changing rapidly. In the first year you can have at least 3 photo shoots!

Everybody wants these cute new born pictures – the best time for this photo session is the first 10 days after birth.
A baby is very tiny and sleeps all the time. You will be surprised how small they were when you receive the pictures.
3-5 months – the baby can lie on his/her tummy, their teeth are not out yet and they are very cheerful.
6-8 months – the baby is sitting and some of them have a beautiful set of teeth.
9-12 months- the baby is already standing, but still does not walk. It’s great, because as soon as they start walking, the photo shoot will be hyperactive. The kid will be interested in everything around. It is very difficult to keep their attention so we will have to run after them. We will need much more time as lots of pictures will be blurry.
Just remember that everything is very individual. Some babies are calm after a year but it is more like an exception than a rule. Try to get all of the photo shoots done before your little one starts running and throwing everything around.

What clothes should I bring?
Before choosing your outfit look at the location of the shoot.
If it is a light studio or outdoor photo shoot you don’t have to be afraid of light clothes, but avoid dark colours (remember there are always exceptions).
If we shoot in a dark studio any colour will work, just be careful with bright colours. Browse through Pinterest, it will be easier to choose a style!
When you are planning you wardrobe try to follow rule of 3 colours- No more than 3 main colours. This will help you properly arrange your look.

White clothes
White clothes are the best choice. I always start with it. White clothes are the ideal for shooting especially where emotions are more important than the look. Be sure to bring lots of white stuff with you.

How many looks I can change?

The best way is to write a script.
Choose your main colour and style (something formal or informal). Think what is close to you and start from that.
If you write the script well we can shoot a lot! At least 3-5 looks in 2 hours.

Is 1 hour enough?
For families up to three people I recommend 1 hour.
As it is a very interesting process the photos are usually very emotional. As it is impossible do not smile watching your child’s reactions.
Your child will even get tired in 1 hour. After 2 hours we all will be tired, as it is very difficult to keep a child’s attention for so long. They will be able to focus for 15-20 minutes, after that we all have to entertain them.

How to get the best out of the shoot?
Our main goal is to make daddy and child (children) comfortable. As they are both kids =)
Children and daddies must come by the time we have started the shoot. Otherwise they will get tired and moody while you are busy with make-up and hair.
Daddies and children should be full, so bring some food with.
When you plan your script make sure that daddy doesn’t have to change a lot. For example he can change his top and keep the same pants during all of the session.
Prepare your husband. Show him some life-style pictures, so he sees that nobody is going to force him to pose.

How to prepare my child for the session?
It is good if your child has a favourite cartoon. But please don’t bring it!  If we give them a tablet/phone to watch it, we won’t be able to take it away. The song from the cartoon might work! I recommend that you start watching musical cartoons or listening to a CD a month before the photo shoot. So on the day of shooting we can play it to make your child feel secure and comfortable. Kids usually start dancing, smiling and having fun.
Bring his/hers favourite toy with. But use it only in case of emergency.
Your child must not be hungry and sleepy. Bring some snacks.

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