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Look, experiment and never be afraid of anyone.

Motivation / No Comment / 08.12.2017

I had many projects during my photography career, which I started by myself.

First I had a “Glass project”. I was shooting glass bowls filled with water and oil on different backdrops. It showed me how light reflects through liquid. I realised that you do not have to spend a lot of money to create interesting pictures.

Then I had a few beauty projects:

“Butterfly project”:  Eyelashes beauty editorial; I bought eyelashes, all forms and shapes and had a series of close-up shoots. I was very proud of myself back then. I learned what editorial means. I found some magazines where I could submit my work. None of them were published but at least I tried.

“Flower project”: I invited a bunch of my friends to a studio and covered them up with a flowers. I even got a few good shots which I still use.

“Horn of Africa”: I met a wonderful blogger. Who had this great idea for an African style photoshoot. Which actually came out really good. It was even published in the LA DE DA magazine!

“Alice in wonderland”: Self-portraiture project. It was more about photoshop compositing. I was taking photos of myself at home and creating a magical look in photoshop by compositing. Some of those pictures you can still see on my website.

Do you know why I am writing about that?

I got a lot of experience because of these small projects. I mastered not only photo skills but also my social skills. These projects helped me to think outside of the box and I found other creatives who were happy to collaborate with me.

There were always people who supported me and people who thought that I am crazy.

Well, we are all a little bit crazy. The goal is to find the right place for your crazyness.

Look, experiment and never be afraid of anyone.

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