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All about the wedding day

Weddings / 2 Comments / 20.03.2017

A wedding album is a memory of your significant day for many years to come!

To provide you with a quality service I would ask you to follow some of my rules.

If I see that your schedule doesn’t fit my requirements I might recommend you to look for another photographer. It is not because I am full of nonsense, I really love my job and I guarantee each of my clients with quality service. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with a good service if you are not following my rules.

– I will send you forms which you have to fill in carefully. Please provide me with as much details as possible. I don’t want to get lost on my way to you. Also, I must be able to get hold of somebody at all times. Please let me know if something has been changed since you filled out the forms.

Provide me with time table of your day. I have to be prepared for it.

– What time will your venue be set up?

– What time I can capture the groom getting ready?

– What time I can capture the bride getting ready?

– What time will your make-up be done?

– What time does the ceremony start?

– Will you have confetti?

– What time does the reception start?

– Timetable of evening formalities (Garter, bouquet, first dance, cutting the cake and anything else you think is important to capture).


Requirements for the shoot:

Bride is getting ready. 

(1 hour after your make-up is done. If you would like to have bridal boudoir we will need an extra hour.)

At the time I arrive you can still be busy with your make-up. It must not be longer than 10 min.

Please clean the room and put all your details aside, as I start with them. (Dress, shoes, jewellery etc.)

Your bridesmaids should be ready by the time you start getting dressed.


Groom is getting ready 

(30 min.)

By the time I arrive you can be showered.

Please clean the room and put all your details aside, as I start with them. (Suit, shoes, belt, rings etc.)

Your grooms men should be getting ready at the same time as you.



If you are getting married in the church please let me know about their photo policies as some of them don’t allow pictures to be taken during the ceremony!

Also, make sure that there is enough light. If not I will need extra time to set up a flash.

Wedding rings

When you put on the wedding rings do it gently and slowly. Hold the ring from the bottom, so I can a take clear shot.
Don’t rush; remember that I need time to take a good photo. I need to make several frames. If I shoot with a flash, I need extra time as it is not recharging instantly.

Group, family and friends photographs

(15-20 min.)

Please ask the master of ceremonies, friend or family member to organize groups. As it will be difficult for me to identify who is who.

The best way to do that is to prepare a script of the groups you want pictures with. This ensures that everything will be organized and that you won’t forget about anybody.


Photographs with bridesmaids and grooms men

(15 min.)


Couple photo shoot

(At least 45 min. please take travel time into consideration)

The best time for the couple shoot is at sunset.

You can bring accessories and props for the shoot.


I know that your wedding day is very stressful, please don’t worry!

I could not get my make-up trial done before the wedding. The day before the wedding we found out that our cake had the wrong names on it and my dress was too big for me! It was still the best day of my life!

Remember I can Photoshop your hair, make-up and body shape. I can’t Photoshop your facial expressions, emotions and memories!

Just relax and enjoy this big day in your life!

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