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I have been a professional photographer for over 5 years. I tried my hands at so many types of photography and have been mastering my skills with every single step of my career. One day I decided to improve my business.  I started digging really deep by analyzing my life, personality and goals. I was looking for the answer, “Why do I love photography?”

The answer was right there. It was so simple that I almost could not believe it. I love to help people! I have been doing it all my life! Literally from my childhood!

I went to music, gymnastics and art school and every time I would stay after classes to share my experience with others. I was a top student in my class and I never rejected anyone who was asking me for help because I loved it. My math teacher used to give me separate home work so nobody could copy it.

As years went  by I kept helping others without even knowing it. I was always there for brides on their wedding day, for tired moms on a family photoshoot, for a crying kid or bored dad.

I have started my Instagram blog in 2014 where I am sharing my daily life. Writing about my travels, personal thoughts, problems and solutions. Where I am and who I am. An emotional, touchy woman with a sensitive soul and at the same time, a very strong personality.

Since then I have started receiving questions and messages from my followers. It always made me little bit shy and I laughed about it but I won’t lie, I loved it. It always made my day. I loved to answer questions and help others out. I made so many new friends! Instagram became my new place of happiness. Where I am helping and inspiring others!

I didn’t make a mistake that day when I chose photography as my destiny. It has opened a whole new world of endless improvements, experiments and opportunities.  

It gave me a chance to help my clients to keep their memories and organise photoshoots of their dream. It also helped me to become more responsible and organised. I learnt how to manage and market my own business. Photography taught me that there is always an opportunity to become better.

Olya Kleinhans


 I am Olya, I am married to a South African and a mom to a beautiful baby girl.
 I specialize in fashion style wedding and portrait photography, and I believe in what I do. 

Mother land

I was born in the Siberian part of Russia and grew up in Moscow.
Moscow is one of my favourite cities in the world.
The first time I came to South Africa was in 2011 as an exchange student. I fell in love with Cape Town and my husband 

Career and Education

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and I am planning to get my Masters.
I got my first Photography Diploma in 2013 and I have also attended numerous short Photography courses and Master classes. 

I’ve been working as a fashion, product, wedding and portraiture photographer in Russia, South Korea and South Africa since 2013.
I have been published in the USA, Russia and South Africa. I shot for numerous catalogues for both young and established fashion designers. I have also worked with model agencies in South Africa and Russia.

About photography

Nothing makes me more excited than ensuring the happiness of my clients. I love to shoot portraitures, especially women and babies. I recently became a mom and it changed my life! I want to capture every moment of my little angel’s life. She is growing up so fast and I understand the importance of quality photos during this stage. I also have two younger sisters and my mom is a Kindergarten teacher so I’ve spent a lot of time babysitting my sisters as well as the kids at my mom’s work. I think this helped me to be on the same wave-length as kids and I even think that kids are usually like me.


One usually feels more comfortable surrounded by someone you know. That is why it’s my pleasure to share my personal background with you. I am more than willing to have a pre-meeting with you so we can get to know each other better.

I am an Aries and March is my favourite month. The most incredible things have happened to me in March.
I love to travel, study and meet new people. Most of my clients became my friends.
You can learn more about me on Instagram. I often share my thoughts and feelings there.

I will be very happy to work with you in the near future! Get in touch so that we can create some wonderful photos.