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7 posing tips for brides

Weddings / No Comment / 18.04.2017

These tips will be useful to any bride.
I hope it will make your wedding shoot easier and that you will be happy with the result.

1. Do not slouch

Your posture is very important. Often brides unnaturally straighten their back which makes them uncomfortable in the shoulders, and it looks very forced.  To avoid this and not to slouch on your photos, you should not think about your back too much. You should think about the top of your head, try to point it up as high as possible. This will immediately radiate confidence in your posture, and will make your neck look longer. This technique is also great for when you want to hide your double chin.

2. Shoulders

Pull your shoulders back. It will open your chest and make your shoulders and arms look more elegant.

3. Expressive look
Your eyes are the most important in a portrait. To get a strong, expressive look try to solve some arithmetic problem in your mind. This will give the portrait a more “dramatic” look. No matter how ridiculous it may sound it works!

4. Smile with your eyes

To get more gentle and feminine portraits follow Tyra Banks’ advice – ‘’Smile’’ – smile with your eyes. Don’t rush in front of the camera, because everybody is waiting. Relax and think pleasant thoughts and emotions. This will help you look stunning on portraits.

5. Hands

Try to keep your hands asymmetrically. It should not mirror each other. You will look more relaxed and natural on your photos.
If you feel tension in your hands, just squeeze them firmly and relax. It usually helps.

6. Natural poses

Do not tuck your arm into your body. The bride’s look gives lots of opportunities for natural posing using your body and arms. You can hold a bouquet in your hands, hold your veil, touch your neck or fold your hands on the armrest of the sofa if you are sitting.

7. How to look slimmer?

Probably you know it already, but anyway – turn half way to the camera and transfer your weight on your hind leg. It will make you look slimmer and more elegant on photos.

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